Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.

Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.
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 :: Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance

Job vacancies in accounting and finance increased greatly between May 1999 and May 2000, particularly in Victoria and Queensland...>>


Austria's financial services industry only has a minor impact on the international marketplace...>>

Belgium has long been recognized as a center for international banking and finance in Europe...>>

Brazilian accounting and finance professionals are in high demand...>>


Canada's financial services and accounting sector is one of its strongest industries...>>

The growing Chinese economy means abundant employment opportunities for accounting and finance professionals...>>

Denmark's Annual Accounts Act dictates the principles for Danish accounting professionals...>>

A January 2001 study by Finland's Central Chamber of Commerce found that accountants are enjoying a good employment situation...>>

The level of employment in France's accounting and finance industry has grown steadily over the past four years...>>

The number of employees in the German financial services sector has risen throughout the nineties, despite a general decline in the number of German banking institutions...>>

Hong Kong
Accountants in Hong Kong are not just bean counters, they're bean "growers," also...>>

In Italy, finance, marketing, and business all fall under the term Servizi Avanzati, which means "advanced services"...>>

The deregulation of the Japanese economy and increased foreign competition has triggered a significant increase in finance and accounting job opportunities...>>

Before the Asian financial crisis, most Asian financial markets enjoyed high bank depository and high interest rates...>>

The Netherlands
Economic slowdown often has an immediate, tangible impact on the finance and Accounting business, and is especially noticeable within the manufacturing, wholesale trade and construction industries, which depend on exports or the sale of capital goods...>>

The stable, strong economy demands private and international accounting consultants, and new business laws have made accountants and consultants even more valuable to small businesses...>>

South Africa
South Africa has a sophisticated financial structure with a large and active stock exchange that ranks 18th in the world in terms of total market capitalization...>>

Singapore's foreign exchange market is the fourth largest in the world, after London, New York, and Tokyo...>>

Finance and accounting positions make up about six percent of all job offers in Spain...>>

The number of jobs for qualified finance and accounting people in Sweden, particularly those with experience, has increased in recent years, allowing more people to find employment directly after obtaining their degree...>>

Switzerland is a country of banks, insurance companies and financial services, with 394 registered banks and financial service companies...>>

United Kingdom
Successful accountants know more than just facts and figures...>>

United States
In good times and bad times, there will always be a need for accountants and finance professionals...>>

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