Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.

Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.
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In the near future, most engineering fields should see a steady rate of employment growth...>>


Austrian engineers are trained in mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, chemistry and biology, and agrarian engineering...>>

Belgium has long been recognized as a center for international banking and finance in Europe...>>

With time, experience and patience, most foreigners will make a successful transition into Brazilian life....>>


Canada's financial services and accounting sector is one of its strongest industries...>>

The growing Chinese economy means abundant employment opportunities for accounting and finance professionals...>>

With its rapidly expanding high-tech industry, engineers in technological fields are in high demand in Denmark...>>

Young engineers in Finland are having no problem finding jobs; almost all of them are employed immediately after graduating, and many have contracts even before they get out of school...>>

France's ever-expanding engineering industry has trouble finding and retaining workers...>>

Germany is famous for its aviation and automobile engineering; Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen all come to mind...>>

Hong Kong
Engineers serve as a crucial link between science and commerce in Hong Kong, and there are many employment opportunities for engineers...>>

There's a positive growth trend in the construction engineering industry, which means an increase in job openings for both specialized and unskilled labor...>>

Japan enjoys some of the greatest engineering research and development practices in the world...>>

Two of the three top industries of Korea's future, according to experts, biotechnology and nanotechnology (the third is information technology) require engineers to succeed...>>

The Netherlands
The Netherlands has long-standing reputation for technological innovation, including expertise in engineering, coastal defense, hydrodynamics, and biotechnology...>>

The job market in Norway is quite good for qualified engineers with prior work experience...>>

South Africa
South Africa's engineering industry is large, sophisticated, and extremely versatile...>>

Singapore's engineering industry is made up of more than 2,000 companies employing 145,560 workers...>>

Since 1996, there has been a resurgence of personnel recruitment in the Spanish engineering sector...>>

Sweden is well known for high quality and technologically advanced products...>>

Paralleling positive employment trends across all Swiss industries, in the last two years the number of people involved in industry has risen to 13.4 percent...>>

United Kingdom
The UK's lack of qualified engineering candidates is good news for foreign engineers interested in working in Britain...>>

United States
Qualified engineering professionals often enjoy stable, lucrative careers...>>

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