Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.

Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.
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Professional Resources

The Argentinean legal framework for labor dates from 1929, when Law N° 11544 was passed. In 1950, agreements...>>


Australia has had trade unions since at least 1845, when the Friendly Society of Carpenters and Joiners...>>

There are a number of professional organizations, websites and other resources available to the newcomer to Austria...>>

There are numerous chambers of commerce in cities throughout Belgium...>>

A number of professional organizations, networking associations, trade unions, publications, websites and other resources are available to foreigners seeking work in Brazil...>>


Telephone directories are a good means of finding specific business and personal contact information in Canada...>>

Almost every major country has established business councils or associations for conducting business in China...>>

Job-seekers in Denmark can take advantage of the Danish Chamber of Commerce, a private organization with voluntary membership, which is Denmark's main organization for internationally-oriented trade and service companies...>>

There are many business organizations, unions, and trade councils in Finland that could prove to be useful resources to the foreign job seeker...>>

France offers a wealth of business organizations catering to the specific needs of their constituents...>>

There are a number of professional organizations, trade publications, networking associations and other resources to accommodate Germany's large population and complex job market...>>

Hong Kong
Many foreign chambers of commerce have offices in Hong Kong...>>

There are many business organizations and networking groups in Ireland...>>

Foreigners looking to work in Italy might find it useful to get in touch with any of a number of business organizations and trade councils...>>

Focus Japan and the Journal of Japanese Trade and Industry are two excellent resources for those seeking jobs in Japan's business and financial services sectors...>>

South Korea has two major trade union federations, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) and the Federation of Trade Unions (FKTU)...>>

The Netherlands
Job-seekers in the Netherlands would be wise to utilize telephone directories to research information about Dutch companies and employment services...>>

Foreigners should get acquainted with the major telephone directories serving Norway such as Gronne Sider, as well as with the country's trade publications and books...>>

Foreigners should get acquainted with the major telephone directories serving Peru such as...>>

South Africa
Any expatriate who wants to find a job in South Africa should consider checking out the country's many professional organizations and trade unions...>>

There are many international chambers of commerce in Singapore, representing such countries as the United States, Germany, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, and others...>>

Wright Investors' Service is a useful tool for any job-seeker in Spain...>>

The Swedish has government established agencies such as Invest in Sweden to assist foreign companies considering business operations in Sweden...>>

As a historically neutral nation, Switzerland is not a member of the European Union or the United Nations...>>

United Kingdom
The majority of professionals in the United Kingdom have their own organizations, all of which are listed in the telephone directory...>>

United States
Local chambers of commerce are great resources for candidates seeking work in specific regions of the country...>>

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