Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.

Going Global: Your guide to international jobs, overseas internships, resume advice, business etiquette, visa work permit requirements and more.
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Work Permits/Visas

Argentina has visa waiver agreements with many countries. Argentina also has no quotas or limits on foreign workers, so longl...>>


All non-citizens of Australia who intend to work and live there must obtain a long-stay visa prior to arrival...>>

There are no work restrictions in Austria for citizens of the European Union (EU), Switzerland, or Lichtenstein...>>

Citizens of EU and EC countries do not need work permits to work in Belgium, but citizens of all other countries must have a work permit before settling in the country...>>

A business or permanent residence visa is required for most foreign visitors....>>

It is relatively easy to immigrate to Canada....>>

There are strict procedures for foreigners who wish to obtain visas to live and work in China....>>

Rules for Danish Visas, Work Permits, or Residence Permits are stringent and precise....>>


Everyone coming to work in Finland, other than citizens of the EU and Norway and the spouses and children of Finnish citizens, is required to hold a work permit....>>

Other than citizens of the EU, any foreigner who wants to work in France must hold a work permit....>>

All non-European Union (EU) citizens must obtain a Work Permit prior to working in Germany....>>

Hong Kong
It's getting more and more difficult for foreigners to obtain a Hong Kong work permit....>>

Ireland is a member of the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). EU and EEA-member citizens can visit, study and work in Ireland with....>>

Citizens of the EU or the United States need not carry visas in order to enter Italy, as long as their visit is for a stay of no more than 90 days....>>

A work permit (work visa) is required prior to working in Japan....>>

The application process for Korean business and employment visas is fairly straightforward, but the rules surrounding it are strict....>>

The Netherlands
Only a small number of foreigners are granted permission to stay in the Netherlands for a prolonged period of time....>>

Labor needs are increasing, and proposals are being made to liberalize work and residence permit regulations....>>

Peru has a wide variety of schools and businesses that operate throughout the country. Lima is the major hub....>>

South Africa
Foreigners interested in working in South Africa must complete a visa application form and submit it to the South African diplomatic mission nearest them at least six weeks before their proposed date of departure....>>

Citizens of Western Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, or the ASEAN do not normally need a visa for a short visit to Singapore....>>

Spain, a European Union (EU) nation, permits European workers work in the country....>>

After living three months in Sweden, European Union (EU) nationals must apply for a residence permit....>>

If you plan to visit (and not work) in Switzerland for fewer than three months, you do not need a residence permit....>>

United Kingdom
European Economic Area (EEA) country nationals have the right to live and work in the UK without obtaining any further entry clearance....>>

United States
The United States issues a confusing range of visas, which are broadly divided into immigrant (permanent resident) and nonimmigrant (temporary resident) visas....>>

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